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Horror Clip - Short Horror Story

Horror Clip: Short Horror Story, is a collection of short horror stories in a visual novel game.

This game contains disturbing images and scene of explicit violance and gore.

For those who have a history of heart attack!

Please use earphone or headset for more experience.

- Player can input name

Lead Programmer: Tiesna Sulistiana (Twitter / Instagram)
Lead Artist: Gheralda Citra Prameswari (Instagram)
Story: Tiesna Sulistiana, Gheralda Citra Prameswari
Thank you for playing our game, We hope you enjoy the game.
Just leave a feedback on our web page if you have any question, critics, or sugestion for us.

Note: This game was made for #ScreamZoneJam9 Event. Updates, patches and more will be coming soon. Please give us your feedback.




Cyberus Studio
Cyberus Studio is an indie game developer based in Bali, Indonesia. Cyberus Studio was established on July 1, 2015. We love to make a Casual, Education, RPG Semi-open world, and Horror game.